This is just a part of a larger area of these fungi in our garden by the brook. I think that they are planning to take over the world. Look out for a patch near you.  😯 Their colloqial name is Fairies Bonnets and they belong to the Inkcap group of fungi but, unlike most Inkcaps, they are not deliquescent.

If you submit a correct count you’ll win a free fungus.  :banana:


Two days later we were walking by the river at home when we spotted these.

If our identification is correct (it wasn’t) these are edible and known as ‘Chicken of the Woods’.

UPDATE: After a second look Amanda has decided that they are not ‘Chicken of the Woods’ but are Giant Polypores. ‘Chicken of the Woods’ are polypores and unlike those these are unpleasant to eat but not poisonous.