Our weather

Our weather

About a year ago I purchased a weather station which I erected in our garden where it has been standing since. I thought that you might like to see some aspects of our weather over the last year.

First the temperature (Blue Line). You can ignore the red line which is the Dewpoint.


Secondly the rain.

And lastly the barometric pressure.

If you prefer it in tabular form:

High Temperature   85.8°F at 08-Jul-2018 16:38
Low Temperature   19.5°F at 28-Feb-2018 22:26

High Humidity       95% at 04-Jan-2018 08:20
Low Humidity       21% at 25-Jun-2018 13:05

High Barometer     30.729 inHg at 22-Oct-2018 12:32
Low Barometer     29.050 inHg at 05-Mar-2018 23:02

Rain Total 40.69 in
High Rain Rate 6.00 in/hr at 28-Jul-2018 14:39

High Wind 27 mph from 224° at 24-Jan-2018 02:14

This, remember, is all in our garden in Knighton on the Welsh/English border and is not necessarily relevant to other parts of the country but it gives an overall impression.

The weather station does not measure hours of sunlight which is a pity.


2 thoughts on “Our weather

  1. Where are the snow totals. I heard that a big storm is heading (or already there) to the UK.
    Stay off the roads – specially those winding, hilly ones in your town. :hide:


  2. It doesn’t record amounts of snow. I do that by going out into the garden and measuring it. :umbrella:

    We haven’t heard anything about a storm. The lowest temperature forecast over the next week is 37F and the strongest wind is 14mph.

    As far as roads go we have only winding hilly ones anyway. :dizzy:


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