Extra mural activities.

Extra mural activities.

I'd like to be able to say that we went out this afternoon because the weather was so nice again – but I can't because it was raining most of the afternoon. The weather forecast was for showers and I suppose it was but with only a few minutes between each and the showers were long.

Still our proposed destination was St. Michael and All Angels Church at Copford and it was the inside that we were interested in seeing so the weather could do what it liked – and it did!

This church was described by Pevsner as the most remarkable Norman parish church in Essex. It is interesting architecturally and has a pretty woodland setting but the remarkable Norman wall paintings are the real attraction and that is what we went to see. These paintings were described by Simon Jenkins as amongst the best in England and you can see why.

Just remember that these paintings, together with the building, are Norman and date from around 1130 which makes them nearly 900 years old.

The picture above is of the Apse with the altar just out of the bottom of the picture.

What is unusual in a church is to see a complete set of the signs of the zodiac, all 12 of them, and some of them are shown in the picture above on the underside of the Chancel Arch which leads into the Apse.

This shows Christ as the central figure in the 'Christ in Glory' fresco shown in the first picture above.

It was certainly a worthwhile trip and I intend to go back in better weather and take an exterior picture and to try to get a general view along the nave.

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