Yesterday’s weather was dismal but today we have sun again. Now that we are in October it is not as warm as it was but there are plenty of insects still around such as Dragonflies and Butterflies. Amanda took this photograph of a Red Admiral butterfly in the garden today.

That reminded me that about a month ago we had a lot of Latticed Heath moths coming into the house after dark attracted to the lights and I had taken a photograph of one but I had forgotten about it until now.

Quite a pretty moth even though it doesn’t have vivid colours.

Both photographs were taken with the new little Casio camera and Amanda likes it so much that she wants one. So we are going to get another one and since I bought mine prices have dropped by nearly 25% which can’t be bad!

I’ve seen some large Dragonflies in the garden but I don’t stand much chance of getting near enough to photograph one. They have very good eyesight and are very wary of any movement.