Another visit to Copford Green Church

Another visit to Copford Green Church

I went back to Copford Green Church on a fine sunny day a few days ago and took some pictures of the exterior of the church. It was about the middle of the afternoon and because the sun is relatively low at this time of year it was casting large shadows of the nearby trees on parts of the church.

When I got back home and looked at the pictures on my computer I could see that whilst the parts in the sun were fine the shadows were so black that they were virtually devoid of detail. Most of the pictures were, therefore, scrapped although I kept a few.

I went to the church again yesterday, another fine sunny October day, but this time in the middle of the morning. On this occasion the sun was shining straight down the churchyard and casting very few shadows so the pictures were fine.

You can see the pictures by following the link on the Essex/Colchester page on the main part of the web site.

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