Yesterday, Boxing Day, we decided that we needed a walk in the fresh air so we drove to Tollesbury to walk on the sea wall to Shingle Head Point.

The weather was at least dry but the sky was overcast in a uniform grey layer of thick cloud, together with a slight mist, making conditions rather gloomy. It was cold, but above freezing, and there was virtually no wind which is a good thing when one is walking a the sea wall above the salt-marshes with no protection from the weather at all.

The tide was out leaving large expanses of mud exposed and we saw a number of waders (birds) walking about on the mud searching for food. On the other side of the sea wall, on the marshes, there were large numbers of Brent Geese grazing. We could not see them at first but could easily hear them chatting among themselves.

We reached Shingle Head Point and looking across the point could see the town of West Mersea on the other side of the River Blackwater.

West Mersea

You should just be able to see, through the gloom, the light strip of buildings at West Mersea below the tree line.

Turning around and facing inland we could see the buildings at Tollesbury which is where we started. You may notice some barely discernable shapes on the marsh in the distance – grazing cattle.


Conditions were quite different from when we first did this walk. England is not always sun and blue skies. ๐Ÿ™‚

On our way back something must have disturbed the Brent Geese and they took off in two large flocks wheeling around the sky and, eventually, settled back down to where they started.

We, eventually, ended up back where we started and drove home. The weather may not have been wonderful but it's better than sitting in a comfortable armchair in front of a fire isn't it? Well – isn't it? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ