This is my first entry for the new year as nothing much of interest has been happening unless you consider that more than our fair share of wind and rain over the last two weeks is interesting. smilies

Yesterday was probably the worst for wind. A gale was forecast and a gale we had! There is now a large opening in one of our greenhouses where there was once a large sheet of glass, some of the felt roof has been ripped from one of our sheds and we have a rather drunken looking tree which will now have to be taken down. Only minor damage really when one considers what happened to the rest of England. smilies

We have not had any really cold weather yet this winter. We had 3 or four days with a heavy frost just before Christmas but other than that it has been generally very mild.

We have, naturally, started talking about this years trips and a possible 3 day trip to Peterborough (wonderful cathedral) has turned into a week to include Stamford and Lincoln (another wonderful cathedral). Sussex, Dorset and Somerset (Wells, Mendip Hills, Cheddar Gorge, Glastonbury) were also mentioned but it's unlikely that we can go to all three counties.

Nothing is fixed yet and we're always ready to listen to suggestions. smilies