I have recently added a translation option to the Blog although, having seen the results of internet translators when translating foreign languages to English, the results are probably amusing at best and gobbledygook (unintelligable) at worst but, possibly, better than nothing. This sample translation of Japanese to English gives an example of what the results can be like.

Gate and they look like the photo above, and 2 are stool or are about to be overcome as people first photo, in farm animals has not been devised to get out. There are others, called cow Kyatorugado stop. In a cold roller to the ground, but cars and people are so Reru, horses and cattle, sheep and other animals is narrow in the legs outside the rollers, so they are not in Hasamatsu legs. Kyatorugado if you can keep the gate of the ranch Keppanashi.

Now, what would the horse walks.

I hope none of you ever suffer from “Hasamatsu legs”.

The irritating part is that people who can’t speak English won’t be able to read this and I’ve no idea what this post would look like after ‘translation’. 😯

I can choose what languages (country flags) appear except for the U.S.A. which is apparently fixed. I know that they can’t spell words like ‘travelling’ and ‘neighbour’ properly but I’m sure they can understand the content without having to have it translated. πŸ˜€