Walking in circles

Walking in circles

Stonehenge is perhaps the most famous stone circle in the world and there are other significant stone circles in this country such as Avebury, Arbor Low and the Rollright Stones but there are many others scattered around the countryside that are just as old but relatively rather insignificant.

When we were last in North Wales we noticed that on our Ordnance map of the local area there was an area marked as a ‘Stone Circle’ so we went to have a look. This entailed driving up a long, narrow lane into the middle of nowhere, but surprise, surprise there was a car park there.

Getting into the field wherein lay the stone circle meant climbing a stone wall and, luckily for us, there was a stile built into the wall. Not a type we’d come across before and it was quite, er, interesting negotiating it.

You could be forgiven for tripping over the stone circle before realising that you’d found it. It was of a reasonable diameter but the biggest stones were only knee high. You can get an idea of scale with Amanda standing next to one of the stones on the far side of the circle. I have marked some of the stones with black circles as they are not especially obvious.

We saw another similar circle, but of a smaller diameter, when we were on Froggart Edge in the Peak District. That was also marked on the Ordnance map in an area of bracken and the bracken was taller than the stones in the circle so we had to hunt for it but found it in the end. I didn’t even bother to photograph it then; perhaps I would now.

Some of these stone circles have names but a lot of them don’t. Next time you trip over something make sure it’s not a stone circle.

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