Today the weather is warm and sunny. 80F warm and it's only just past the middle of May but don't worry the weather is forecast to go downhill next week so we'll be back to normal English weather. :umbrella:

We've had this sunny spell for about four days now so that would have made a reasonable length break to go away but there are times when we have fixed appointments that we cannot change and this was one of them. Tomorrow, which is forecast to be nice again, is our last fixed appointment then after that we are free, at least for a while, and the weather is forecast to get worse.:banghead:

This spell of good weather has been of some use though because our current single garage is falling apart, literally, and we are going to have a new large double concrete garage erected in, we hope, the next few months. This means clearing the site a little and, even worse, clearing out the old garage. Where are we going to put all that stuff? :shock::bawl:

Two compost heaps have to be moved. One, which is only partly 'cooked', I've moved over the past two days and the other which is ready to use will have to be moved as well. Amanda has been doing 'gardening things' and meeting old friends such as a Slow Worm (legless lizard – not a worm) and some, as she described them, toadular persons. At least the weather is good for gardening and so isn't wasted.

What's the betting that when the next spell of fine weather comes along we won't be able to go away? :censored: