British Weather – What happened to Summer?

British Weather – What happened to Summer?

I often see requests from overseas visitors about the British weather. 'Which month is best for good weather?', 'If we come in such and such a month what should I wear?' and various similar questions.

They always get the same answer – 'nobody knows'. :umbrella:

We have done very little travelling this year for two reasons. One is that we spent a lot of time between April and July inclusive preparing to have a new garage built. The weather was quite good during those months although fairly changeable in that a few days of sun were always interspersed with a few days of cloud.

When we finally saw the garage completed and we went into August the weather took a turn for the worse and became quite unsettled with a lot of cloud and a little sun. That has lasted until now and looks set to continue.

Last year in September and again in October we went to Alfriston in Sussex and had lovely weather on both trips. I remember, in August this year, Amanda pointing out that we had nice weather last September and October and that the weather normally settles down during those months. Unfortunately it didn't work this year and it's not very warm.

During August and September I don't think we've had sun for more than two days in a row.  We got fed up with waiting for a short spell of good weather and took a chance and went to York. We did have some sun but not very much.

I wonder what Winter will bring? :shock:

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  1. I can empathize with you :unhappy: Here, across the pond and in the hinterland, we had an extremely variable summer. Occasionally hot, almost always on the humid side; lots of rain; mostly on the cool side and generally not what we have been experiencing over the last decade. Earlier this week the garage roofs were white, frost, and tonight expected lows in the 20'sF. That would be below zero for you Celsius types. Better pick what's left of my cherry tomatoes. We had several nice clear days this past week. Of course, I was working :banghead: Next week is supposed to be nice. I'll be working :banghead: Maybe I should migrate across the pond; get a full time job; than Barry and Amanda can then travel during the week while I enjoy the rainy English weather on weekends when I'm off  :banghead: Maybe some of our snow will follow me  :devil:


  2. Do NOT wish any of your snow on England. They can not handle it!

    I have lucked out on most of my trips to England. Never more than one day of rain, and it wasn’t ever heavy. :banana: (Except for Wales – it rained every day for 1/2 hour or so, usually when we were hiking – sunny – black cloud – down pour – sunny :umbrella: )

    Maybe I should go back real soon so that Barry has nice weather :mrgreen:


  3. I, too, have had great luck with British weather on the many times I have visited. We always seem to bring it with us. However, I am unlike many people in that I like cooler weather for walking and touring around so whatever weather comes our way, I never mind whether it’s sun or rain. At least the British have a large choice of things to do inside when it rains, unlike here. If you depend on weather for vacation happiness, that could be a problem. Call me weird, and I am sure some will, but I also like the occasional misty, cloudy day…..very atmospheric.

    I have also been in London during a snowstorm and it was beautiful. Yes, they cannot handle any amount of snow as it’s so rare but Kensington Park is absolutely gorgeous with a coating of snow. But, then again, I like the winter season. We had a very hot and humid summer this year in New England and I am glad it’s over!


  4. I object to being called a ‘Celsius type’. :censored: I’ve been using Fahrenheit all my life and I don’t intend changing that for anyone. :soapbox: You can’t have frost in September it’s not allowed. :???:

    Lisa – you and Marie seem lucky with the weather. The next time either of you are coming over you’d better let me know then we can arranged to go away somewhere at the same time. :cool:

    Our travelling this year has been rather pathetic.

    One day trip to Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire in March
    Two day trips to London in April
    Two day trips in May. One to Rayleigh and Hadleigh, Essex and one to London
    Three day trips to London in June
    One day trip to Widdington and Arkesden, Essex in July
    One day trip to London with Old Guy in August
    One 3 day trip to York in September.

    and that’s it so far. :unhappy:


  5. I have to agree with Barry on the old system of measuring things. Meters are for measuring gas, water and electrical usage :censored:

    Frost is not allowed in late September?? Remember the snow storm we have on Saturday, May 8th? I think I posted a photo on the forum. And a week later, Saturday, it was 94F.

    You wonder why people from the hinterland are a little goofy :banghead:


  6. I would love for it to snow lovely, pretty white snow, but without leaving horrible, slippery, hazardous ice I hate ice! I injured my lower back on the ice years ago and it’s not been right since :soapbox:

    But snow is lovely and beautiful :) :banana:


  7. Back from a glorious 3-week road trip adventure to the Southwest. Everywhere it was hot, hot, hot….until Arkansas. Then the morning temps were in the 50’s. I LOVED it :banana: My poor hubby, however…standing there, putting gas in the truck, wearing a heavy coat. Me? Running around like a crazy woman in shorts and a t-shirt and laughing at the poor ‘fill the tank’ guy :twisted:

    As for weather while visiting ‘cross The Pond… it has always been good….rainy, stormy, dry, sunny, brisk, windy, or miserable. After all….nope, not gunna say it :censored:

    Barry, those months making a new home for the frogs and other creepy crawlies could have been better well spent, you know :smile: You be forgiven, however. Yahoo for York!!


  8. Barry, those months making a new home for the frogs and other creepy crawlies could have been better well spent, you know

    We weren’t making homes for them we were evicting them! :bawl: They were rather understanding about it though but that may have been because they didn’t have a choice. :???:

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. You appear to have had better weather than we did on ours. :censored:


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