I often see requests from overseas visitors about the British weather. 'Which month is best for good weather?', 'If we come in such and such a month what should I wear?' and various similar questions.

They always get the same answer – 'nobody knows'. :umbrella:

We have done very little travelling this year for two reasons. One is that we spent a lot of time between April and July inclusive preparing to have a new garage built. The weather was quite good during those months although fairly changeable in that a few days of sun were always interspersed with a few days of cloud.

When we finally saw the garage completed and we went into August the weather took a turn for the worse and became quite unsettled with a lot of cloud and a little sun. That has lasted until now and looks set to continue.

Last year in September and again in October we went to Alfriston in Sussex and had lovely weather on both trips. I remember, in August this year, Amanda pointing out that we had nice weather last September and October and that the weather normally settles down during those months. Unfortunately it didn't work this year and it's not very warm.

During August and September I don't think we've had sun for more than two days in a row.  We got fed up with waiting for a short spell of good weather and took a chance and went to York. We did have some sun but not very much.

I wonder what Winter will bring? 😯