We are off on our travels again and, on our way to somewhere, we called in to somewhere else.

This is what somewhere else looks like:

Note the Mote (That's a clue).

This is one of the rooms:

So where do you think it is? I'll give you another clue – it's within a 70 mile radius of where we live.

After seeing that we drove on to where we are as I write this – 'somewhere'. More of that tomorrow and I've given you a clue to that too.

I can see that nobody, thus far, is prepared to hazard a guess about where we are now. This is two of the various locations we have visited.

We came through a well known cathedral city to get here and we have worn our legs down to the knees walking around. So, where are we. You'll have to hurry we're leaving tomorrow.

Well you people aren't much good are you? I'll spell it out for you.

We left home on Sunday and travelled to Ightham Mote in Kent then moved on to Sandwich, also in Kent, where we stayed until Tuesday morning.

It's amazing what the Royal Mail will deliver these days.

We went home via the cathedral city mentioned above i.e. Canterbury.

That's the Quire.

We are back home and I now have more pages to construct for the web site – some for Sandwich and Ightham Mote and some additional pages for Canterbury.

No peace for the wicked. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ