A few days ago on a fine sunny day we went to see the autumn colours in Epping Forest. We didn’t do any heroic walks this time but just drove to a few different places to potter about.

Our first port of call was Connaught Water. There were lots of geese, ducks, moorhens and coots about and they tended to follow us, staying parallel to our path, in the hope of getting a free lunch. They were, unfortunately, out of luck.

We walked all the way around the lake and got this view on the other side.

Our web-footed friends were in luck with these people and certainly weren’t going to wait for lunch to come to them – now stop trying to push in and form an orderly queue.

We moved on to the High Beach area where we had a burger and a hot drink whilst sitting in the car. When we finished we walked into the forest where we came across these rather fine specimens of Ganoderma fungi.

Again this year Autumn seems to be rather late. We were hoping to see the Japanese Maples turning red but, no, they were still green. Ah well next year perhaps.

We shall leave (no pun intended) you with this last view of the forest.