I think I need a new pair of legs! The ones I have are beginning to feel old. We haven't done as much walking this year as we normal do (blame the garage and the weather) and my legs are showing it so I need to do some more leg exercise over the winter to prepare for next year just in case we get a summer. :umbrella:

I have just bought a new pair of walking shoes because putting on my normal walking boots (it can get very muddy around here in wet weather), with all the lacing up, tends to put me off. These new shoes are very rugged but, more importantly, they fasten using Velcro straps which takes but a few seconds.

I've just tried them out on my short walking circuit, 1.5 miles, and they are very comfortable. The acceleration is not as good as I'd hoped but then they are very fuel efficient although they do tend to understeer on the corners. smilies

I've checked the distance for this route quite accurately using my new Android 'phone gadget with Ordnance map loaded and GPS tracking on and it shows my track on the map giving the total distance as 1.5 miles. There is another route I did a day or so ago using 'The Gadget' and that route is 2.5 miles. That will be my medium walking circuit.

Some time in the not too distance future there is another route I can measure with the Gadget which should be longer than the previous two – that'll be my long walking circuit and I'll be interested to see what the actual distance is. This form of measurement is considerably more accurate than using a pedometer.

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