This winter looks as though it may be the same as last winter with some differences.

Last winter the cold weather started in December but this winter it's started in November. Last winter it was cold but this winter it's colder. It was below zero Fahrenheit in Wales a few days ago and the temprature in one of Amanda's greenhouses was around 22F so probably about 20F outside.

A few days ago they had 14 inches of snow overnight in Northumberland and a lot of the country has had snow in varying degrees except us. 😎

This morning we had snow. Not enough to make it really discernable on the ground, which was already covered in frost, but snow in November nontheless. :unhappy: Just 10 miles north of us they had an inch of snow.

I remember that when we made our first trip to London last April it was on the first nice day we'd had for months.

What will next year bring? πŸ˜₯