Our snow had reached a thickness of one foot by yesterday and Amanda had been putting food out on our terrace for the birds.

We had seen various birds feeding, including Robins, but yesterday, for the first time, a Grey Wagtail turned up. It turned out to be a stroppy little thing and when the next Robin arrived he tried to drive it away. Bad move! Robins are not as frail as they look and it turned into a right old punch-up with the two of them actually rolling around on the snow.

This happened two or three times during the day although no lasting harm was done but I think they parted the best of enemies.

We also had a Muntjac Deer turn up which was nothing unusual but the unusual bit was when another Muntjac appeared as well. Muntjac are solitary animals and don't go round in groups so we were interested to see what happened when they spotted each other.

When they did catch site of each other they froze, not literally you understand even though there was a lot of snow, and gave each other a frosty stare then went on their individual ways.

Muntjacs aren't as stroppy as birds then.