Today we had visitors; about 25,000 of them!

Today we had visitors; about 25,000 of them!

We had visitors today. As there were so many we didn't want them in the house so they hung around the garden.

I happened to go out of the back of the house just after lunch and as soon as I opened the door I heard a noise that I recognised immediately from past experience.

It was a swarm of honey bees (Apis melifera) settling in one of our trees. The air was full of flying bees for a while but they all gradually settled down until there were only a few flying and then I took this picture.

I went out again to look at them again in the early evening only to find that they had moved on.

We could easily have missed them altogether had I not gone into the garden when I did and they didn't even say goodbye. :cry:

One thought on “Today we had visitors; about 25,000 of them!

  1. Aaaaaaargh! My worst nightmare! :shock:

    I have bee-sting allergies unforunately – which is a shame because I like bees
    (especially big fat bumblies) much more than nasty wasps!


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