To Babylon and back.

To Babylon and back.

Yesterday we went to London. This is one of the photographs I took whilst we were there and I want you to look at it carefully – not just a quick scan – carefully. Do you notice anything unusual?

Oh for goodness sake – do I have to tell you everything? The trees – look at the trees! No, no, no not that one on the left – the trees on the roof!

One of the places we visited was the Kensington Roof gardens in Kensington High Street. This building used to be the Derry and Toms department store which moved into this Art Deco style building in 1932 and the roof gardens were completed in 1938. We wandered around the various parts of the garden for about an hour, and there are one and a half acres of it, and saw very few other people.

The flamingos and ducks are real and there were even a few ducklings with their parents but then some of us had to take things to the extreme and started looking as though they were enjoying themselves.

We finally decided it was time to leave, go back down to earth and wander the streets of Kensington. We crossed High Street to the north side and strolled up Kensington Church Walk.

We emerged into Holland Street, turned up Gordon Place, along Pitt Street and into Hornton Street and we did see some striking buildings on the way.

We decided to head for Holland Park along the Duchess of Bedford's Walk, I'm sure she didn't mind, and arrived in the park near lunchtime. The last time we were here with Marie we couldn't find the cafe but we did this time and had our lunch there.

When we left Holland park we decided, on the spur of the moment, to go to the Natural History Museum in South kensington, so made our way towards Holland Park underground station but going via Holland park Mews.

A very attractive little street where all the houses seemed to have an unusual feature – all the main entrance doors were on the upper floor hence the flight of steps on each house.

The Natural History Museum is an amazing building both outside and inside before even considering the contents.

I spent quite a time wandering around the Great Hall just looking at, and photographing, the building's features whilst Amanda went off to explore elswhere.

She eventually returned and said that she'd found something which may interest me from the photographic point of view. We both went off to find her discovery which isn't that straight forward in this maze of a building but we did manage, eventually, and this is what she had found.

It's the rather dramatic entrance, up an escalator and through the planet, to a complex gallery of exhibits detailing the Earth's formation and history. Very impressive.

After losing ourselves in those galleries we made our way to our penultimate location – a gallery that I can remember visiting when I was a youngster.

One of the mammal galleries featuring a gigantic Blue Whale. You'd need a mega fish tank for one of those.

There were other mammals in this gallery including this happy chappie. I'm glad that he was well and truly stuffed because, if he wasn't, I probably would have been. He looks a bit peeved.

It was now getting near time to depart for home but on our final wanderings we found ourselves here:

Strange init! The white shape on the right, part of the new extension, is called 'The Cocoon' and houses yet more exhibits but we had just run out of time. It was back home for us but we plan to return to 'The Cocoon' another time. Watch this space.

4 thoughts on “To Babylon and back.

  1. Sure!! Make me jealous of what we missed last summer :unhappy: The museum is on my list for next time.

    Eagerly awaiting the full story on the main web site.


  2. The roof top garden is wonderful. Is that the one you wanted to go to with me, but was closed on Monday. though I thought you said it was in Covent Garden area.
    I just remembered you did not get pics of the Natural History M. when we were there. I am glad you had your camera this time. The building is just stunning.


  3. Is that the one you wanted to go to with me, but was closed on Monday. though I thought you said it was in Covent Garden area

    Yes, that is the one but no, I didn’t say it was in Covent garden.

    I just remembered you did not get pics of the Natural History M. when we were there

    But I have now. :grin:


  4. The strange houses in Holland Park make me think of what Edina from AbFab must
    have lived in – when watching it you notice people come into the house and the
    hallway is on the entrance level, but then they go downstairs and there is the

    Sorry – digressing! :banghead:

    I would love to live in one of those though!


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