We have lived in Knighton for eight months now and I have walked past this house on the main road through the town centre many times without noticing it at all. That may seem unbelievable but it is set back from the road in a narrow little courtyard so perhaps I might be excused. Even so it is the oldest house in Knighton dating back to the fourteenth century and I managed to miss it until now. sad

The facade was actually replaced in the 17th century but the house behind it is a Cruck-framed construction from the 14th century. I have no idea how large, or small, it is inside. I have now also added this to the the Knighton web pages.


About a week ago we had some heavy rain. I mean HEAVY! It went on for a day or two and the stream which runs alongside our garden changed a little in that time. This it what it looks like under normal conditions.

After the rain stopped it was like this.

We are not in any danger of being flooded but it was moderately impressive all the same. It seems worse when you can hear the rushing water as well. The weather is a bit different now. Clear sky and sun this morning but one pays a penalty for that. Last nigh was the coldest that we have experienced since we've been here at, according to the weather forecast, 27F. Amanda looked at the Min/Max thermometer in her greenhouse and that read 20F. We don't want too much of that.


This is an 'Inkcap' fungus soon after it appeared above ground. So why 'Inkcap'?

After a few days it starts to open up from the bottom when you may see why it has that particular name.

A few days later it has progressed a bit more.

And then a bit more.

Until the final stage. Not a pretty sight.