Some time back (years) Amanda had an operation to correct a bunion problem on her right foot (Original post). Well now she’s had the left foot done (4 days ago) so we shall be unable to travel for some weeks, possibly months, as she is having to move around on crutches.

We had some fun on the first night as, when getting ready for bed, she discovered that the bandage was soaked in blood and she was leaving red footprints on the bathroom floor. A telephone call to the doctor suggested that it would be safe to leave until the morning, which we did, and to then contact the hospital.

Next morning the hospital asked her to return, which we did, and they discovered that three stitches had come undone. They have corrected it by using sticky strips across the incision to hold it together but she must have it looked at again by our local doctor on Monday.

So we’ll have nothing to keep us out of mischief for the next few weeks.  😈