Rocks and Red

Rocks and Red

A short while back, before Amanda had her foot operation, we had to go to Llandrindod Wells and I stopped to take this photograph on the way.

It shows a hill called Llandegley Rocks but known locally as the Dragon’s Back and perhaps you can see why. We keep promising ourselves that we will climb it one day but we haven’t managed to do it yet (we are afraid of disturbing the dragon).

As travelling, especially walking, is out of bounds at present I did a little travelling in our garden today and photographed our Japanese Acer. I must say I have never seen it quite so red as it is now. I thought you may like to see it.

Amanda’s foot is progressing slowly but it’s going to be a long time before she can do any serious walking.

3 thoughts on “Rocks and Red

  1. Did we see the Dragon’s Back when we were driving in Wales – On the way to the dams? At least I know we saw something similar.
    the Acer is spectacular!


  2. We did see the Dragon’s Back on the way to the Elan Valley dams. I didn’t imagine that you’d remember that. :party:


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