Oh dear – winter again.

Oh dear – winter again.

The clocks went back last night so now it will be getting dark around 5:30 this evening although of course it's now lighter in the morning. It is now eight weeks to the shortest day. We succumbed a week or so ago, when it became really quite chilly, and turned on the heating for the first time since summer. Now of course it has turned quite mild again – you can't win.

This Spring, Summer and Autumn have not been very good from our point of view. We seem to have had a constant stream of low pressure systems coming off the Atlantic so that the longest spell of sunny days seems to have been only around 3-4 days before the weather deteriorated again.

It would have been nicer to have had some longer sunny spells so that longer trips of up to seven days would have been possible. It was much the same last year. The weather forecasts have been laughable at times changing completely from one day to the next which made trip planning a bit difficut.

Perhaps I'll give up photography and the web site and take up knitting – at least one can do that whatever the weather. :cry:

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