First ya see it then ya don’t

First ya see it then ya don’t

Yesterday the Blog started as normal and then, sometime later, I changed the look of it completely and for the better I hope. But then I realised that there were no smilies showing on the Comments Form. Whoops! So I tried a different set of smilies but they presented their own problems and I decided to go back to the original appearance until I could sort it all out.

Now, today, it’s all sorted and we’re back with the new look. Any snide comments will be dealt with severely. :twisted:

I don’t know if anyone actually noticed. :shock:

3 thoughts on “First ya see it then ya don’t

  1. I'm glad you've recovered from the initial shock ( I'm pleased that you like it :grin2: ) and I did add a few more smilies. I don't mind offering suggestions but don't imagine that this new design is anything to do with me. :???: The software I use to run the Blog has a variety of different styles available and I just chose this one because I liked it. If I can help then I will.


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