It sort of sneaked up on me. I was checking the batteries for one of my cameras and found them to be mostly devoid of any significant charge so I made sure that were fully discharged and then recharged them. Then we bought a cheap inkjet printer on ebay so that when we are staying away we can print off sections of Ordnance Maps that I have stored on my laptop (full story here).

It was a little after that that I realised that, subconciously, I was starting to make preparations for the coming season. It occurred to me, then, that I had been sitting around doing very little since the beginning of December although we did go for a couple of short walks prior to Christmas to post some cards.

My legs felt a little creaky so a little exercise wouldn’t do them much harm and today I went for my first walk this year – 2 miles in 50 minutes. It had rained all day yesterday :umbrella: so the going wasn’t easy. In fact it was quite messy in places which slowed me up a bit.

I noticed that my pedometer was reading two miles at the finish but my route on the map measured 2.4 miles so the pedometer is still under-reading a little. I’ve adjusted that and I’ll see what it reads next time.

We are hoping to meet Antonello from Italy at the end of March – circumstances at the time permitting. So it’s all starting to happen and Spring isn’t far away. :mrgreen: