Well, if you want to be pedantic, another two days and another three woods. Yesterday we went to a village near us called Wickham Bishops to look at Sparkey Wood and Shut Heath Wood to see if there were any signs of Wood Anemonies and there were.

There was a good show in both although more in the former than the latter. In Sparkey Wood there were also Bluebell plants as far as the eye could see and I imagine that they will look fantastic in a few more weeks. There were also a lot of Bluebell plants in Shut Heath Wood although not quite as many as in Sparkey Wood. We shall endeavour to go back later when the Bluebells are out.

Today we went to our local wood and the Wood Anemonies were flowering in profusion as usual.

Here are some photographs from those trips.

Wood Anemonies

Wood Anemonies

What a marvellous show! Who is prepared to count them?