We had a decent bit of sunny weather this afternoon which coincided with Tollesbury Church’s annual tower open day so off we toddled to Tollesbury.

We hadn’t been up this church tower before and it turned out to be a little tricky. The first part, a long set of wooden steps with a handrail as far as the floor below the belfry, was fairly straight forward. The next stage, in the belfry, was where it started to get tricky.

We had to go up another set of steps to the next floor then turn round and make our way, one by one, back across the hatch we had just come through. This was done by holding onto the the hefty frame that held the bells and shuffling sideways along a narrow plank, to one side of the open hatch, and thus reach the other side without falling through.

Finally up a few more very narrow stairways and out through the door at the top. It was worth it though.

The village square:

Some houses below:

The River Blackwater can be seen in the distance:

I hope the next one isn’t quite so tricky.