It was such a lovely morning with a clear blue sky we thought we’d push the old legs into motion and give them a whirl.

We followed a public footpath across some fields and through a wood with the sunlight streaming through the trees.

Out through the other side, through a farm and, just as we were leaving the farm, we caught a glimpse of a Munjac Deer crossing the lane into cover on the other side. A little way along the lane we came across a field of Borage. In the next picture you can see the lane with the field of Borage on the right and the wood on the hill at the back is the wood that we just walked through.

A little further along the lane and I was able to get a better picture of the field of Borage – the purple haze.

We took a right turn off the lane onto another public footpath which took us across two more fields. If you look carefully at the picture just underneath the outer part of the overhanging tree branch you can see the square shape of a church tower which is where we are heading.

It wasn’t long before we reached Layer Marney Tower. Layer Marney Tower is a Tudor gatehouse built for a proposed Tudor mansion although the mansion was never built. There is also a really delightful Tudor church which is part of the estate.

This church was built in the early part of the 16th century, on the foundations of an earlier church, by the first Lord Marney and is very interesting inside as well as out.

This is the tomb of one of the Lords Marney. How’s that for some fancy decorative stonework?

From the edge of the churchyard we caught this view of Layer Marney Tower.

We turned homeward and, on the way back, saw some spikes of Agrimony, of which this is one, that we had missed on the way out.

That little jaunt of just 3.5 miles turned out to be a lovely walk and here you have it hot off the press with us having returned home only 3 hours ago.