I have very many words buried in my memory somewhere but I can't always reach the ones I want and even if I could, a pile of words doesn't necessarily produce prose. In my case it seldom does so you have to put up with what you get.

Now do try not to doze off while I'm talking to you.

A week ago last Sunday the weather forecast for the following day, for our planned day trip, was good but by the following morning it wasn't good so we postponed. Yesterday, a week later, the forecast for today was good but by this morning it wasn't good so we postponed. Haven't I heard that somewhere before?

The weather forecasters can't get their forecasts right until about an hour beforehand and at present we seem to be promised only one good day a week and that often doesn't materialise. We have three day trips planned when (if) we get some good weather. October perhaps?

Meanwhile I'm keeping on with the exercise I started on the 1st August. One and a half miles every day and I don't know how long this regime is going to last. I do the same circuit each time because it's convenient and today I took my camera for an outing.

There's a lot of wheat, or corn as it used be called when I was a lad, about in the fields around here.

I've just discovered that I can do something a little different with this blog (how long have I been writing it?). Try clicking on the pictures. Is it worth the effort?

So there'll be a day trip coming up sometime but don't hold your breath. 😎