I planned a trip for today. I was going on my own because Amanda thought it might be a bit too strenuous for her. Amanda went off to a Coffee Morning (sounds pretty strenuous to me) and I left the house about 20 minutes later. I hadn't got very far when I realised that I was still wearing ordinary shoes so I rushed back and changed into walking boots and set off once again.

I still made it to the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus was due to arrive. I was planning to go to a place called 'Dolley Green', which is in the middle of nowhere, and walk back to Knighton. When the bus arrived the driver told me that the bus doesn't go through Dolley Green anymore and I was so surprised I got off.

It was only as the bus disappeared around the corner that I remembered that the driver did say it now goes directly to Norton instead of the round-about way through Dolley Green. So what's significant about that? Well, when I planned the trip originally I had planned to start in Norton and then discovered that Dolley Green would be a better place to start from. So, if I had my wits about me, I could have stayed on the bus and travelled to Norton and used my original route. Doubly irritating.

I will do that trip on another day and I'll tell you about it when I do but for now, in the afternoon, we did a short walk instead.

We went up onto Garth Hill and saw this lovely view over Knighton with lots of Bluebells.

Further along the path there were more Bluebells.

We had been along this path before but not during Bluebell time. A little way back we spotted a path going up the hill which we certainly hadn't traversed and Amanda said that she wanted to explore that on the way back.

So, on the way back, we explored. It was moderately steep and went up, and up, and up. We finally arrived at a little lane which afford us this view.

I wonder what that large lumpy hill left of centre on the horizon is? As we are looking toward Ludlow it could be either Brown Clee Hill or Titterstone Clee Hill. Can't say for certain.

We made our way down the lane and eventually to home.